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Weekly development tools 11

By Lucas Mouilleron, Creative Technologist, on the 02/07/2014

##Admin Columns

  • Wordpress plugin which allows to customize what columns are shown on the backend
  • Loads of fields and meta fields
  • Works with custom types (and Easy Custom Types)
  • Works with Advanced Custom Fields

Admin Columns

##DropKick JS

  • JS jQuery plugin which manages select lists
  • Skinnable, disabled, groups, labels, custom change callback


##Owl Carousel

  • JS jQuery carousel plugin
  • CSS3 hardware accelerated transition and CSS2 fallback for older browsers
  • Touch and drag (for desktop) support
  • Responsive, hashtags navigation, multiple width, videos, api and events

Owl Carousel


  • JS lib for progress bar, Youtube like
  • Simple and effcient API : increment, set percentage, mimic fake realistic incremental loads
  • Nice Ajax load UX pattern while not yet delegable to the browser