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Hover UX pattern

By Lucas Mouilleron, Creative Technologist, on the 28/08/2014

The hover effect and hover UX pattern looks like it’s always been here. Some say it even feels a bit tired.

It’s true this pattern is more and more challenged as it does not work on touchable devices.

Little adjustements try to make it work (for example by replacing it by 2 taps, one to trigger the hover state and the other one for the actual action). But in most of the cases, these are not satifying enough solutions. Good touchable devices UX calls for other patterns and other user paths. Killing the hover UX pattern.

Still, the hover pattern should still be used on desktop.


  1. It is well established amongst users (my dad only click buttons when they change color).
  2. It can serve mutliple purposes
  3. There is still room for cute yet subtle hover animations
  4. And it his fairly simple to implement

##Indicates an action

Indicates 1

Indicates 2

##Reveal additional information and/or action

Reveal 1

Reveal 2

Reveal 4

Reaveal 5

##Preview an action

Action preview 1

Action preview 2

##Mega menus

Mega menu 1

Mega menu 2