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Photoshop web tools

By Lucas Mouilleron, Creative Technologist, on the 02/09/2014

Check our lab project with all these references and more on


  • Guides generator
  • Easy configuration (breakpoints, columns and padding)
  • Exports as png and scss
  • Photoshop 5+


##Web Zap

  • Layout builder
  • Text layout builder (multiple font swap)
  • UI builder
  • Photoshop 6+

Web Zap

##Cut and Slice Me

  • Exports groups and layers automaticaly (trimed transparent pngs)
  • Clever method : add “@” at the end of the name of group you want exported
  • Photoshop 6+

Cut & Slice me

##SVG export

  • Exports shapes and group of shapes to SVGs
  • Photoshop CC+

SVG export

##Interface Tools

  • Panel with web design tools shortcuts
  • Photoshop 6+

Interface tool

##Perspective mockup

  • Exports mockup in perspective
  • Photoshop 6+

Perspective mokups


  • Layout builder
  • Guides nice features
  • Favicon generator


##Bonus : keyboard shortcuts optimisation

keyboard shortcuts optimisation